Website Design

We love the web. It's why we do what we do. We also know it inside out: what works, what the limits are and which way things are currently going (we think device agnostic in case you were wondering*. That and more video content.). We work closely with our customers to design and develop websites which compliment their brand and give visitors the best possible experience regardless of what device they are using. We offer beautiful, bespoke designs and training on website management whether it is a store or a brochure site.

(* Device agnostic: you don't / can't know the size of the device your website is being seen on so your website design works the same and displays in a user friendly manner regardless of whether it's on a desktop computer, tablet or phone. That's paraphrased in the context of websites but close enough to the truth. Take Windows 8 as an example - the user experience across the computer, tablet and phone are almost identical. They even went so far as to consolidate touch, stylus and mouse actions in to one unified 'Pointer Event' so essentially all three do exactly the same.)

Content Management

If you like to take charge we are particularly good with Content Management Systems (CMS's). We'd recommend a CMS over static content to anyone wanting a brochure website. We design and build everything and show you how to use it. The CMS will allow you to edit your website content without any knowledge of web development. You can re-write your wording with just a few clicks, add or remove images and even manage your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Typically we work with Concrete5 because we find the inline editing facilities and overall functionality to be brilliant. We have been known to dabble with WordPress as well.


Selling products online is nothing new - online sales have been steadily increasing for years and if you're not joining in, it is definitely time to seriously think about it.

Recent advances in the web mean it is easier than ever to manage your products through an e-commerce website. Showcase your brand and sell online with a fully-featured e-commerce website from Tainted Media. We'll help you through the whole process from beginning to end to make sure you're ready for business the minute the site goes live.

We typically use the industry standard Magento platform for its security and robustness. It also gives us the freedom to create completely custom designs and unique websites. Expect nothing less than a beautiful, responsive website with a great user experience across all devices.

Mobile Optimisation

Nowadays people expect to be able use a smart phone or tablet to do anything a desktop computer can do. Your website might be perfect on a desktop computer but if it isn't responsive or doesn't redirect to a mobile version you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers. Given the ever increasing use of the internet on mobile devices you can't really afford to miss out.

Taking your existing website (or starting from scratch), we can re-build your website so that it is easy to use regardless of the size of your screen giving all visitors the best possible experience.

Graphic Design

Business cards, branding, billboards, stationery and everything else in between - we can do it all. We work closely with our clients and the printers to ensure quality results.

Our friends at Air Outdoor have a huge network of outdoor advertising spaces. If you are interested in promoting your business through their network then let us know.

Video & Motion

Nothing will bring your product or business to life quite like video. We have the people, equipment and skills to produce head turning stings, adverts or promotional videos. A good video hosted on YouTube or Vimeo can potentially do wonders for your SEO and is incredibly easy for interested parties to share in turn increasing your brand awareness.