Tainted Media Ltd is a graphics, e-commerce and CMS web design, motion, 3D and print studio based in West Yorkshire.

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Don't let the name put you off - we always wanted to be different. Just to clarify, it has nothing to do with Soft Cell. If you are looking for a professional company to design printed materials, build you an e-commerce or CMS website or to help you improve your existing assets, we can do all of that and much more. We take a lot of pride in our creative talent and ability to deliver special designs. If you want to know more you can look at our Services section. If you want proof that we can do what we say please look at our Portfolio too. If you are convinced, Contact Us.

A brief history

Like most good ideas, we came up with Tainted Media in a pub. The Old Hall in Heckmondwike to be specific, in early 2012 over a pint or two of Sam Smith's Sovereign bitter. The name came from Pure Brew Lager, another Samuel Smith's favourite, but "pure" doesn't really suit us. A quick think about a suitable antonym gave us Tainted and Media gave us licence to do anything digital we wanted. Tainted Media was incorporated on the 1st of June 2012 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Chris Beresford

Chris Beresford

Graphic designer extraordinaire. Chris has been designing since birth and can identify any font from 50 yards away in the dark.

Stephen Vickers

Stephen Vickers

Fervent web developer. Stephen has been known to forsake sleep and food (but never coffee) in favour of finishing his code.

Latest Blog Entries

Keeping up with a blog is hard

We've had a really busy 2015 so far. So busy that we have neglected our blog somewhat which is a shame because some awesome things have been happening. Here's a post about some of it.

Unifying Touch and Pointer Events

When I coded up the menu for this website I couldn't find any good resources which combine normal touch events with Microsofts new pointer events. So I've written one.

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