Funktionalley E-commerce Website


Screenshots of the new Funktionalley website

We asked Tainted Media to create an e-commerce website that would serve as a sales platform and first point of contact for our design conscious customers purchasing high value homewares.

We previously had an e-commerce website which had become outdated and which we had outgrown. The website that Tainted created is both visually impressive and engaging, with several features we had not considered such as the FunktionAlley bookshelf. These additional features give the customer an experience beyond simple purchasing and have given us a tool which we can use at all levels of our business including retail, b2b and agency.

Throughout the development we found Tainted to be professional and have a clear understanding of FunktionAlley's business. As we are not particularly experienced with IT systems or image editing we needed additional support creating the content; we found Tainted to be clear and patient during these tutorials. We have also found them approachable and easy to contact for additional information.

We continue to work with Tainted to develop and maintain our branding online, in print and in store. We now have a website and branding that is stronger than most of our considerably larger competitors.

About FunktionAlley

FunktionAlley is an independent Swedish company that was established in February 2006 in Malmö. In August 2006 they opened their first UK design store at Redbrick Mill near Leeds.

Influenced by their Swedish location, FunktionAlley was originally established to help promote and launch the product portfolios of a few young Scandinavian designers in the UK. Focusing on function with a bit more funk (hence the company name) their first products were the UNSTASHED note board, the trioBike and Miss Flatchair. Very different designs but all with something original, ethical and practical about them.

Job Overview

FunktionAlley had been using an e-commerce system for several years and with a lot of success. Like with almost everything though, design and technology move on and the site became dated in appearance, time consuming to manage and limiting as to what it could achieve. They needed a new website to be modern in appearance to compliment their designer products and also in functionality (no pun intended).


We built the new FunktionAlley website on the Magento e-commerce platform. The designs and templates were created from scratch (we don't touch ready-made templates) to be clean and give any user the same experience regardless of device or screen size. It uses a completely custom percentage based column system with fixed width margins to maintain spacing between all elements even though the layout is fluid.

Extra features have been added for mobile devices to improve user experience. As the pages can become quite tall, a sideways swipe anywhere on the site opens up the side menu for easy navigation. Double tapping on a product image on the individual product pages will zoom in allowing a user to see detail at full resolution even on a small screen.


  • Fully featured Magento e-commerce website
  • Completely responsive, device agnostic design
  • Integration with Twitter Oauth 1.1 for feed
  • Integration with Campaign Monitor for mailing list signup
  • Bookshelf PDF library
  • Custom Featured, New Product, Designer and Brand lists
  • Touch enabled: "Double Tap" to zoom product image and "Swipe" to look around on mobile