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YuYu Bottle

  • Website design and development
  • Ecommerce

YuYu were recommended to us by another of our clients which is always nice. Suffice to say when we saw how pretty the product was we got very excited about what we could do with the website.

Why constantly move a small, traditional hot water bottle around your body if you can enjoy the large spread and blissful heat from the YuYu Bottle?

Measuring 81cm the YuYu is the world's first long hot water bottle, and can stay warm for up to 6 hours. The YuYu concept is pretty simple but the execution is stunning. The cashmere cover, the box, even the gold-flecked Japanese Sanwa tissue paper inside the box is pure luxury.

The YuYu Bottle
YuYu website on an iMac

The YuYu bottle had been selling online well for a few years but the previous website was fairly cumbersome and difficult to make changes to. It was also built to a fixed width so it was difficult to use on smaller screens.

YuYu needed something modern, an e-commerce platform they could manage and run themselves and a website that would display properly regardless of the screen it was viewed on.

We built the YuYu website on the new Magento 2 platform which, although tricky to get to grips with at first, is excellent for selling online.

YuYu now have the ability to manage their own content and catalogue which they’d never had before. Launching shortly before Christmas, the website stood up to the exceptional seasonal demand and an appearance on daytime television.

The blog area of the website allows YuYu to promote new ranges and partnerships, chronicle their many appearances at shows all over the World and even show off a few snaps from their celebrity fans.

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Kate Beckinsale enjoying her YuYu