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It has been our pleasure to work with Liforme from very early on in their journey and watch them grow in to an internationally successful brand.

Liforme creates innovative yoga equipment designed to make your yoga practice better.

Their first product, the Liforme Yoga Mat, took five years to develop. Perfectionists by choice, Liforme spent that time designing the mat, finding the right environmentally friendly etching process and sourcing the right sustainable materials. The result is an exceptional product gaining recognition and praise worldwide.

When we launched our product we chose selling online as our first channel for its global reach. We've known the guys from Tainted Media for a while now and always go back to them when we need anything web related. We needed to re-design our e-commerce website so it looked more modern and also so it would work on mobile phones and tablets.

They couldn't wait to get started and had their ideas for initial designs through to me really quickly. They were also happy to listen to our ideas, took them on board and steered us away from things that could have negatively impacted on the website.

I found working with them really easy and would recommend them to anyone.

James Armitage, Owner & Founder of Liforme

Liforme website on an iMac

Yoga is a massive global industry. Liforme needed a website that could reach that market internationally.

The website needed to reflect the high quality of their luxury products and communicate the open, honest and friendly personality of the business. They also wanted to share their journey through press clips, reviews and news on their website and tie that together with their social media following, particularly on Instagram.

We built the new Liforme website on the Magento e-commerce platform. The designs and templates were created from scratch to be modern and give any user the same experience regardless of device or screen size. We also implemented separate North America and China stores with the appropriate localisations (Colour:Color etc) and currency.

The result is a clean, modern website which allows the products to shine whilst being informative enough for shoppers to answer any questions they have before they buy. We love what Liforme do and we're very proud of this website.

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Liforme Yoga Mat in Blue