We really should post more often

We're not dead, we've just been incredibly busy for the last goodness knows how many months. Here's a bit about what we've been up to:

A new website for Tong Garden Centre

We fondly remember going to see Santa at Tong as children. We still went to buy our Christmas tree each year of course but unfortunately in recent years it had lost a bit of it's sparkle. That was until it was taken over earlier this year and the transformation has been amazing. The sparkle at Tong is well and truly back, we've been, we know (the sausage sandwiches in the Orchard restaurant are lovely).

But this isn't about food. We were fortunate enough to be able to make Tong a new website to go with their new image. You can see the finished article here: http://www.tonggardencentre.co.uk

It's modern, fully responsive and manageable in-house by the Tong marketing team.

A new website for Funstation as well

We knew the Funstation brand from past visits to Xscape in Castleford. We've been known to play a few games. If you know us you'll also know that's an understatement. We jumped at the chance to make them a website as vibrant as the company is to show off their locations across the UK and the many activities available. Who doesn't love bowling?

You can see the finished website here: http://funstationuk.com/

It's colourful, fun, fully responsive and manageable in-house.

Chris had a baby

On the 29th of August the enchanting Eva came in to the World. She has since given Chris many a sleepless night but we forgive her because she's adorable.

Buckley London got an updated blog

Buckley London run a popular blog and we got the opportunity to update the styling to bring it in to line with their main ecommerce website. It's Wordpress which everyone knows is perfect for blogging, fully responsive and you can see the results here: http://www.buckleylondon.com/blog/

Loads of Magento patches have been applied

Recently there have been a number of security patches released by Magento to keep the platform secure from hackers. The patches tend to be pre-emptive to cover holes they have discovered rather than problems being actively exploited. All the same, at the end of October around 7000 Magento websites were compromised by hackers because they weren't running the latest security updates. All the Magento websites we host or look after are kept as up to date and secure as possible at all times and none were affected by this attack. If you're interested there's the official Magento statement about the attack here: http://magento.com/security/news/important-security-update